How To Build

DIY Tiny House Construction

build your tiny homeLately there has been a trend to downsize, cut back on all the stuff, and return to the simple life with fewer worries and lower expenses. Part of that trend includes the popularity of what’s called a Tiny House, it’s a movement of sorts.

Lots of people ask about them, where to put them, how much they cost, and how easy on the wallet they are to live in.

Lets go over some of the main questions and discuss how to build your own tiny house.

What To Know About Building a Tiny Home

Lot’s of people have discovered that it costs a ton of money to keep up a big home, and after the kids have moved out, or maybe a divorce, there’s just no reason to work yourself to death, just to support a house. In fact, many people with side incomes from the internet, could actually retire if they could move into a tiny house out of town.

With the dropping prices of solar panels, satellite TV, and 4G wireless available nearly everywhere, if you can find some cheap acreage in the mountains, you could live for nearly nothing. You could still have all the comforts of TV, music, internet, all with a really small carbon footprint, and a relaxed lifestyle to boot.

How To Build a Tiny House on Wheels on a Budget

When the average new car costs $30,000 and even a used one can run $10,000, you could many times just sell your expensive car and own your tiny house outright, with no payment at all. Of course, it does depend on many factors, like how much you pay for the land you put it on.

If you go to many of the Western States in the US, you’ll find that they are mostly empty, nearly all of the population lives in a few large cities and the connecting valleys, and the rest is open. But, there’s usually no grid electricity, that’s good, because the price will be far cheaper for a medium sized plot of land. You don’t need much, just enough for your home, a good sized garden, and a pen for your goats, chickens and pigs if you desire.

Planning Your Tiny House Build

As it happens there are several different ways to get the job done. There are homes you can buy, already built, then have them delivered by truck and set onto the foundation. These are built in a factory, using all the modern construction methods that save on materials by buying in bulk. They save by having less cutting waste, using automated cutting machines, powered nailers to save money and give quality construction.

You can also buy Tiny House Kits, where the walls are prefabricated in a factory, then assembled on your building site. These are fairly inexpensive, and well built, plus you save money by doing the final assembly yourself. They’re delivered on a flat bed truck that has a crane able to lift the panels in place. A good sized crew can put together the main parts of a small house in just a weekend, if the foundation has been readied in advance.

If building your own tiny house is something that interests you, there are plenty of articles and blogs on the internet to keep you busy. Downsizing seems like a long term trend that will continue as long as big home prices keep skyrocketing, while solar, internet, and satellite services continue to spread their coverage as well.