Tiny House Designs, Ideas, and Plans

model homeMany baby boomers that are nearing retirement age are starting to worry that they won’t by able to afford their big houses, with over sized payments, after they retire. Since house prices have skyrocketed for several decades, if you didn’t buy 20 years ago, you probably still owe hundreds of thousands of dollars. At the same time, taking care of a big, empty house can be a lot of work, and cost a fortune as well. There are a growing number of people that are escaping, buying Tiny Houses, putting them in the mountains, the beach, or in somebody’s back yard. These people are then able to retire and travel the world, or relax and enjoy peace, without the huge burden of big payments and high taxes.

How To Design Your Own Tiny House

Of course the most popular house plans tend to be of the cabin style, but you can pick from thousands of plans on the internet, then build any style you desire. Just a quick search will reveal that most of the plans are variable, and can be ordered in sizes that increase in 2 foot increments in either direction. They also can have added porches, extra windows, or nearly any other amenity that you can dream up. The Tiny House design ideas are endless.

Tiny House Design Plans on Wheels

Don’t think of these as being mobile homes, as they are entirely made of wood, and have very little resemblance to a mobile home at all. However, they can come completely built, and placed on steel beams with wheels, then can be delivered to anywhere you want. Then, if you decide to move to a new lot, even in a new state, you can raise the house off the foundation, put the wheels back on, and move.

These are incredibly useful if you can find work as campground hosts, or maintenance workers, where you work part time, and receive a free lot and hook ups for your home. There are thousands of small resorts looking for semi-retired couples to do part time jobs in exchange for free lodging, and some income, that helps augment their Social Security or retirement money. Then you can move to a different locale every year or so.

Tiny House Interior Design Kits

As you search the internet, you’ll find that many of the Tiny House building companies are full service. That means you can usually see the house pictures, take a video virtual tour, then either buy the plans, buy a kit, or get the home completely built. Even the amount of construction can be varied, depending on your time, budget, and abilities.

The kits are pre-made to your wishes in a large factory with a controlled environment. This allows year round construction, cuts down on waste, has computer controlled cutting machines, and assembly line efficiency to give the best quality, combined with the lowest price. A crew of helpers with some expert direction can assemble one of these kits in about 3 to 6 days on the building site.

If you’ve been thinking about getting out of the rat race, cutting back and relaxing more, then a Tiny House may be perfect for you. Take the time to browse all of the fantastic tiny house design ideas online, the sizes, amenities, prices and styles are all easy to find.