Why Build a Tiny House? 4 Reasons to Consider a New Tiny Home

tiny homesUnless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, you’ve probably noticed the huge surge in interest surrounding tiny homes.

If you’re anything like me, your first thought was “what the heck is that?” which was soon followed by “why would anyone want to live there?” followed by the much warmer: “Now that’s kind of cool!”

In this post we’ll walk through a few reasons why building a tiny house is 100% awesome.

What Is a Tiny House?

The tiny house movement is a relatively new phenomenon that has taken the US and Europe by storm over the last couple of years.

Tiny houses are exactly what they sound like: small living spaces designed for frugal and environmentally responsible living!

From renovating old school buses to designing a custom built tiny house, there are untold options you can take advantage in order to come up with the small house of your dreams.

Why Build a Tiny House?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider building a tiny house for your home. Here are just a few of the most popular reasons to get involved in the movement!

Environmentally Responsible Living

The first, and one of the most popular reasons many people turn to tiny houses is that they are the perfect opportunity to live with a low carbon footprint.

When designed properly, tiny houses can require very small amounts of energy, water, and raw materials, meaning that you’re going to be consuming less, both in terms of energy use and in terms of house-related purchases, allowing you to have a no-touch ecologically responsible home!

Frugal Living

Because of their size, tiny houses are much more affordable than traditional housing options, both in terms of purchase and construction costs, and monthly living expenses.

You’ll need less furniture and ongoing house maintenance, and will have lower energy bills from the compact living space!

Great Investment Opportunities

Tiny houses can also be an incredible investment opportunity. Owning a tiny house to rent out can often provide significant rental income, even though the house purchase or construction costs were relatively low!

Not only that, but tiny houses are also great for weekend getaway rentals, as city-dwellers seek to escape the urban environment for the weekend, they’re often looking for a fun and quirky place to spend a few days. That leaves tremendous vacation rental opportunity as well, as long as you have a good location!

It’s Fun!

Last but certainly not least, tiny houses are fun!

They are a great way to express your own individuality and creativity, and they certainly form a centerpiece of many great conversations.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to own a tiny house, we’ve got the resources you need to make it a real possibility for you!